This is the division through which TCH conducts short-term and long-term studies. Policy and research innovations are created here.


All our public sector work is carried out in this unit. This includes policy audits, policy formulation and implementation frameworks


Through this unit, we undertake programme and project evaluations, retainer services, strategic planning and reviews, organizational assessments

Who we are

The Consulting House (TCH) is a policy and security think-tank based in Nairobi but with presence in 18 countries within Africa. The firm applies a multi-disciplinary approach to its work in two ways. One, its Senior Fellows, Visiting Senior Fellows and Associate Fellows are drawn from numerous disciplines. These include political science, geo-spatial engineering, law, architecture, economics, public administration, gender and masculinity studies and military science. Two, it is a melting pot where academics and practitioners co-create solutions to the policy and security dilemmas of the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa.

TCH is also the National Research Institute (NRI) for IGAD in Kenya and has an MoU with IGAD to advice its Secretariat in Djibouti on issues of conflict and security within the region.

TCH is also a part-time teaching faculty through collaborations with a number of different universities. Our emphasis is executive and applied education where we test-drive our policy and security models by training practitioners.

Who we've worked with